About Us

Overview of Mxmarks.com
Mxmarks.com We are a group of lawyers and specialists worldwide who are responsible for establishing the registration of trademarks and patents in different countries but mainly Mexico.
Creating more favorable environments for entrepreneurship and intellectual property registration.

General Vision

To give accessible costs to trademark and patent registrations without having a high price like other law firms making the costs hundreds of dollars or thousands.
As well as helping people in need and being philanthropic with humanity.

Why trust us?

We have registered hundreds of trademarks with different clients around the world as we also represent different famous brands, and the main thing we take care of our reputation in such a way that we appear in search engines and our content gets noticed in great part in number one positions, we have a secure payment system like paypal and we also pay taxes making our market legal and transparent.

Our Founders?

Caroline Eagle
Attorney and founder

Alberto Leal
Systems Architect

Abigail L

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