How to make a logo for my company ?

How to design a logo easy?

How to make a logo for my company without breaking my head…
Do you want to register the name of your brand to the maximum, but not only a name, but you want to have the complete logo to define your company?
Well, then you are in the right article because here we will tell you some essential tips with which you can make a very original logo for your business or your brand.

How to make a Logo for my Company?
By means of a Logo you will attract your customers and make them fall in love with your brand, so think about the image that defines your name or your objective. And if you can get it without words, even better.

The best logo is the one that attracts an audience when they see it the first time and makes them want to know more about you or the company.
Below we are going to offer you several definitions and tips so that you can design your logo on your own and at no cost.

Como crear un logo para mi empresa
How to make a Logo for my Company?

It is an image to identify a brand or a company. It may consist exclusively of an image or another one with letters, digits or words related to it.

Is there any similarity between the logo and the trademark itself?

No, since the logo embodies the idea of the trademark, so both are the same. On the other hand, the difference between the trademark and the symbol is that both represent a logo, or a word (word mark), or an association of them.

For more information, you can review in our home page the types of trademarks.
The success of any company or establishment depends to a great extent on the existence of at least a good transmission of ideas to the potential consumer, and that is where the logo design plays a fundamental role, since the creation with image tools is key in marketing to send commercial signals and capture the user as much as possible. Nowadays, the logo is not only a commercial signal to identify any company and all its products or services, it also helps to generate a corporate identity.
There are many ways to achieve the same objective, that is, to turn your public into regular customers.
And now that you know what a logo really is, let’s believe it! you will see that how to make a logo for my company does not sound so strange anymore…

Those who want to learn how to create their logo, will have to read carefully this series of guides to create a logo.
It is very important to get at least the definition of the objective in the brand, that is why at certain times creating a letter logo is usually the most effective way to do it.
However, you must try to adequately conceive

In short, a Logo must meet several requirements: make an impact at first sight, provide information to potential consumers about the product, inform them about whether it is convenient to use it and, finally, differentiate itself from the rest of the market.
Before going on, take a look at the following links to logos for industrialized companies.
When designing a logo, there are some tips to keep in mind:
Know your brand identity
Before starting to design a new logo, you must know for sure what is the purpose of the logo and the product offered. Likewise, it is essential that you know the type of market and the audience you want to reach.
Therefore, start by making a reflection, write down specific words or expressions about the purpose of the brand and also think about

Looking for inspiration

looking for your source of inspiration…
Looking for inspiration…
The brainstorming session can be a perfect form of inspiration.
Brainstorming consists of pooling a series of ideas related to a goal and writing them down. Bad resolutions should also be written down, as they can provoke a whole series to think about and come up with a great solution.

Create lists

Make a list of news that describes your brand image and how you want it to be captured. Reflect on the person to whom it is addressed and try to sympathize as much as possible with them.
Involve more people, brainstorming alone is effective, but its diversity can be its charm. Ask professionals from different business activities and your acquaintances for help. The more perspectives they can provide, the better. And then draw conclusions for yourself.
In search of images…
Open your eyes wide and try to link your brand to images; remember people, goods, activities, everything you see around you.
When you get images that you think are right and that define or help describe your products, try to create new variants.
So, if you thought of the image of a tree or a leaf, use other types for example. Also try to abstract or maximize the drawings, for example, if you thought of a plant, draw it in an easy way with a pencil.
This can help you to start making a design.
In search of colors…
When determining our identity, we can use the same values as in the past.
So, for example, to capture a young audience, you can choose red as the predominant color in this brand, since the color red suggests energy and a certain agitation and enthusiasm.
For your inspiration, below you will find the meaning of colors in psychology.

pscologia del color en los logotios
What do the colors in a logo mean?

What do the colors in a logo mean?

The psychology related to a certain color

  • White color: means tranquility, clarity and purity, and innocence.
  • Red color: resistance, violence, danger, rebellion.
  • Yellow color: enlightenment, energy, kindness, joy.
  • Color purple: Spirituality, elegance, mysteriousness, longing.
  • Orange color: Attraction, action, joy, lust.
  • Blue color: Serenity, and intelligence. Natural light and waters are of the same color.
  • Green color. Fairness, youth, vision of the whole, illusion, tranquility.
  • Pink color: Enamoring, Purity, Kindness, Sensitivity, Fragility.
  • Gray: This is a sometimes antagonistic color, symbolizing peace and tenacity, but at the same time simplicity and popularity.
  • Black: Related to death and destruction. Resistance: Associated with sobriety, flexibility and simplicity.

Looking at the turnout…

Another issue to take into consideration when creating the logo is the competition itself. It is advisable to look attentively at logos or signs that related companies have, since they can provide us with suggestions that we have not considered.

Logo design fundamentals

It is essential, on the one hand, to stand out from the competition, but it is also necessary to analyze the successes of your segment.
So, it is the best time for research, either in the media (press, advertising, television) or throughout a network, where you can also find people’s opinions regarding the companies or brands of your choice, or simply their evaluations of certain designs.
You only need to search for “best logo designs” and you will be immediately flooded with good or bad proposals.
Likewise, you will have to carry out a general search and analysis on the brands or businesses you are interested in, in order to discover any lack or abuse of monotony. Likewise, this will allow you to access a market by breaking the typical patterns by presenting a more original and daring logo to the public.
Creating a logo online for free and without watermarks
We conclude the article with some very useful resources to create a free logo for you and your company.
In the field of digital marketing, most of the times, the photoshop program is used in the creation of logos, however, other much more sophisticated applications are used. However, below we will mention several of which do not require great knowledge when operating on them.

The easiest way to create a logo online is by using the Canva tool itself. This procedure is free, although you will have to register. Below you will find the tutorial that will allow you to create it by yourself using this application. Other alternatives to create a logo online for free and without registering are Free logo design. On the other hand, you also have the possibility of hiring professionals to design your logo on freelance platforms. There are real professionals in this class and for a reasonable cost you can get great professionals for your project. From here we recommend you the well-known platform FIVERR where you can get any kind of creative, web design or advertising work done. And what is the last thing to do? Well, the registration of the trademark and logo, obviously.

How to design a logo

This step is very simple because registering a logo involves the same operation as registering a trademark.
We have clarified that a logo represents a trademark, so if you wish to register both a logo and a trademark, the procedures are the same for both.
You can register only the trademark itself or you can associate it with the logo, which is the denomination of the trademark. So, if at the moment you do not have your own logo for your trademark, you have the possibility of the exclusive registration of the denomination and later the registration of the trademark.
In this page you have the complete information necessary and free to register a logo, so go ahead and register your trademark.