How to Register a Clothing Brand

If you have arrived at this page is because you have thought about searching for clothing trademark registrations or because you are determined to do it. With our instructions you will be able to do the registration yourself, without intermediaries. We know how difficult it is to start a business nowadays, but if you are here you have just taken a very important step, action! First of all, some questions… – Do you already have a name for your clothing brand? – Do you have a logo for your clothing brand?

  • Are you clear on what exactly you want to work with, be it pants, or t-shirts, or dresses?

Having answers to these questions is very important before registering a clothing trademark, as it will influence the correct classification of your trademark and therefore the final price of the registration. 5 steps to register a clothing trademark The most important thing is to pay attention to these steps prior to registering your trademark because the electronic registration procedure is really very simple. In particular, it is essential to perform a preliminary search and then correctly classify your product. When you have these steps confirmed, you should move on to the trademark registration section in your country. 1. Search for your trademark in the register Before registering any trademark you should check if its name already exists in the trademark register of the country where you are going to register it. Although it may seem impossible, this is something that happens relatively often, so it is essential to check.

The consultation is made in the corresponding administrative body in each country. However, don’t worry, we will show you this step below. Let’s continue to How to Register a Clothing Brand…

Como Registrar una Marca de Ropa
How to Register a Clothing Brand

What type of clothing trademark are you going to register?

When searching for clothing trademark registrations In the main section of this website we explain in detail the types of trademarks that can be registered, check them out! In that tutorial you will learn that if you have only chosen a name for your trademark, for example “Ropa loca 22”, you must register it as “denominative”, but if you also include a logo it must be “figurative”. If you don’t have a logo yet, don’t worry, watch this video if you want to design a free logo for your clothing brand. Here you will also find the explanation of the registration process.

Classifying your trademark in Nice

How to Register a Clothing Brand…. It may sound very strange if you do not have an idea of what is the classification of trademarks, we remind you that in the Nice Classification you can consult it. It is very important to assign to your trademark a class that defines the type of product that you are going to launch to the market. You will have to assign one or several classes, as many as necessary, but bearing in mind that you will have to pay a fee for each of them. To assign the class you can consult the Nice classification. To make it easier for you, here is the search we have done in the Nice classification for the clothing trademark:

Class 9Special laboratory clothing, Flame retardant clothing, Flame resistant clothing, Fire resistant clothing
Class 10Special clothing for operations, chirophan’s clothing
Class 18Animal clothing or animal costumes
Class 24bath linen protectors, living room linen, table linen not made of paper material
Class 25bodysuits [underwear], bodices [underwear], combinations [underwear], bodices [underwear], corsets [underwear], girdles [underwear], garters [underwear], maniples [liturgical clothing], mitres [liturgical clothing], outerwear, underwear, sweat absorbing underwear, motorists’ clothing, cyclists’ clothing, bras [underwear], leggings [pants], pants, bloomers
Class 28Clothes for toys or dolls
How to Register a Clothing Trademark and its designation in Nice Classes

How much does it cost to register a clothing trademark?

When your clothing trademark is well defined, you will only have one class, and you will have to pay a single fee. On the other hand, for each additional class you assign you will have to pay again the price corresponding to the clothing trademark. Now the price of registering a textile trademark in Mexico costs $2,457.79mxn, if it is classified in only one class. For each supplementary class that you assign you will have to pay $2,457.79mxn in procedures before the IMPI. If a lawyer helps you you will have to pay 350 dollars for each class but you will have less problems and you will decrease the propability of being rejected or you can register your trademark incorrectly.

Cuánto cuesta registrar una marca de Ropa
How to Register a Clothing Trademark

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