How to Register a Performing Name

If you want to know How to Register a Performing Name or register a band name in Mexico, first you must know certain characteristics such as the type of name or what is a celebrity registration before the law.

Next you will be able to know how to put it into practice, although first you must understand what an artistic denomination really consists of.

The artistic denomination is the term that defines you as an artist, it is associated as an individual trademark but when registering a musical band name there are many interested parties and it enters as a trademark registration.

Why is it important to have a stage name? First of all, to differentiate yourself from the rest and for people to be able to identify you and find you throughout the whole process.

So, are stage name and brand the same thing? The answer is yes, because for registration purposes the only difference is in the class you will have to assign to your stage name or trademark.

Because in order to register it you will have to include it in one of the 45 classes contained in the Nice classification.

It is also important to make clear what you are going to use the artist name for: do you want to dedicate yourself to music, to the creation of aromatic products, to the world of animation…?

In this classification, the purpose of the artist’s name must be established as precisely as possible. Class 41: Thus, if you want your name to be artistic and its purpose is to sing, you can choose class 41, which contains this activity:

  • Education – Training – Entertainment services – Sports and cultural activities Below we give you some guidelines to register your artistic name in Mexico and in Spain. How to register a stage name in Mexico

In order to register a stage name in our country, it is necessary to go to the IMPI offices or do the procedure electronically on its web page. In the section on how to register a trade name or trademark in Mexico, this procedure is detailed in detail. Remember to select the type of class 41 at the time of registration as explained above.

This step is detailed in our tutorial, specify your trademark within the Nice list How to register a stage name in Spain

This procedure is performed within Spain at the SPTO, you must go to the section on how to register your trademark in Spanish territory.

You can even watch a video that contains all the steps involved. When you register a title or artistic name you have the obligation as a trademark or name assigned for the class that corresponds to it, that is to say, or as it is due the class 41.

Como Registrar un Nombre Artístico
Como Registrar un Nombre Artístico

How to Register the Name of a Musical Group

When registering the same name of an artistic formation, we must follow the same procedure for the registration of a musical denomination. That is to say, we will have to classify the denomination of a musical group under a class 41, we can place its logo if we have it, otherwise, we could register it with the name as long as it is available.

The process is the same is a trademark registration with the name of a group are also trademarks. The name for a music group is also considered within the trademark and we will have to classify it within the class 41 of trademarks.
The only procedure that may vary when registering the same name as a musical group is the distribution in law of the same.
Usually, a group of artists already consists of several components and, consequently, all of them must appear in the registration of the trademark or title of the group as owners.
Therefore, at the time of registering the appointment for the group, all its members can also be added as owners of the trademark.
It is necessary to follow the indications of the country where this process is well detailed.

Como Registrar una banda musical
Como Registrar una banda musical

How to register the name of a musical group in Mexico

Cómo registrar el nombre de un grupo musical en México
¡Los procedimientos son lo es! Rellena todo los datos incluyendo el nombre de la banda, si tiene logo, etc.
También debes clasificar el nombre de la banda en la clase 41.
Cómo registrar el nombre de una banda en España
Usted tiene que hacer esto mismo porque un título artístico y el nombre de una agrupación musical son definidos con la misma clase, o sea, la clase 41.
Hay que seguir todo los pasos indicados y al momento de clasificar la marca o denominación incorporar la clase.

Trademark registration in mexico applies to an artistic name

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