How to register a trademark

Hey Welcome, if you are here because you want to know the procedure to register a trademark, well… let’s get to it! how to register a trademark

How to register a trademark? The first thing you will have to do is to register your trademark at a national level.

This is the first step you must take in case you want to register that trademark worldwide in the future, it is usually done in each country and it is very expensive.

But let’s start by answering the most frequent doubts of those users who want to register their trademarks. Be attentive.

Is it possible to register a trademark that already exists?

The answer is NO.

Indeed, one of the first steps to apply to register this trademark is to check if there is already a similar or equal one in the market.

Is there a need to register a trademark?
The answer to the question is NO, but there are many advantages for doing so.

Is it mandatory to register a trademark?

It is not compulsory either, you can use a trademark without registering it, but we expose ourselves to the fact that everybody uses it and in case we would like to prove our ownership we would surely get involved in a lawsuit.

How long does it take to register a trademark?

Currently the registration request is done in a short time, specifically in a time that ranges between fifteen and thirty minutes if you follow these steps. But then you have to wait for your application to be authorized and this can take approximately 8 months.

Why register a trademark?

The main reasons are to defend against plagiarism or scams, otherwise you would not be reading how to register a trademark.

Yes of course, in fact you can register both the name of your trademark and the corresponding logo. In the section of the web page we explain you which trademark filing formats exist.

What do you need to register a trademark?

Very few requirements really: Some kind of accreditation, enough capital to pay the fee and, of course, the corresponding trademark.

Who is able to register a trademark?

Everyone can do it, are you interested?

Steps to take in industrial property registration

Fortunately, nowadays we can already do this kind of procedures through the Internet, which allows us to save time and money, since in many cases the electronic option is more economical.

The first thing to take care of with the registration is to be very clear about, because depending on each country where you live, one procedure or another will have to be carried out.

Therefore, first of all you must select your own country and access the procedure to register your trademark, for this we have a guide that will guide you step by step.

Then you will have to look for the official office of the country where you have to do this procedure, but do not worry, click on your country and we will guide you through the procedure.

Next, if you want to know more about how to register a trademark in the most economical way, enter your country by clicking on your flag at the end of this article.

Where can I find out if I can register a trademark?

The first thing you should do is to verify, in the case of your country, that your trademark is not previously registered by another company at the Patent and Trademark Office. In other words, that your trademark is a free trademark, because it is not possible to register already existing trademarks.

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