Nice Classification

Nice Classification for Trademarks

The Nice Classification is used to assign to our trademark one of the 45 numbers that make up this classification, which will clearly describe what is the object of the trademark to be registered or the product in question.

If our trademark is difficult to define with only one number of this classification, we can assign more, as many as we consider appropriate to make its content clear. However, we must bear in mind that for each extra class of the Nice classification we choose, we will have to pay an additional fee. But, exactly

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What is the Nice Classification?

What is the Nice Classification?

This classification was established by the Agreement for the Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (1957) to facilitate the task of registering a product or service as a “trademark”. It is periodically renewed and the latest version (the 11th) brings together the goods and services corresponding to forty-five classes:

Classes 1 to 34 are used to define the goods.

  • Classes 35 to 45 are used to define services. This classification allows users to mark a product or service by choosing from among these classes the one that most closely identifies with them. The Nice international classification of goods and services is recognized in many countries, which facilitates the process of registering a trademark in any of them. The Nice classification system is described on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website. Please refer to this Nice classification pdf for the product or service you wish to register as a trademark. List of goods and services
registro marca impi
The IMPI is the authority on intellectual property in the country of Mexico, has various powers of assistance. Among them is to sanction with economic fines or closures any third party that violates the rights of a trademark owner.

Nice classification for trademarks

The Nice classification system is mainly composed of class headings, explanations and a list of goods and services in alphabetical order. This Nice Classification is continually revised by a “Compound of Experts”, representing all participating States, and a new wording is made every five years. Here is the eleventh copy of the classification which is in force on January 1, 2017. The class headings are the official descriptive names of the 34 categories or “classes” of goods and the 11 “classes” of services. They are accompanied, where appropriate, by explanatory notes providing detailed descriptions of the types of goods or services included in the respective classes. The next Nice classification update will take place in 2022. This treaty was concluded on June 15, 1957 in Nice (France) and was called the “Nice Agreement Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks”. This Agreement is currently known as the Nice Classification. 

The Nice Classification originates with an international treaty that is currently regulated by WIPO.

Clasificación de Niza OMPI
the Nice Classification OMPI
Nice classification chemical products
Niza classification chemical products


Products of the chemical, scientific and photographic industries and of agriculture, horticulture and forestry; raw plastics; fertilizers; fire-extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; tanning substances; adhesives used in industry.

Nice classification of paint products
Nice classification of paint products


Paints, varnishes, foils; substances for the preservation of wood moisture or oxidation; colorants; mortar; and metals in sheet or powder form used for the manufacture of paints, ornaments, prints and art materials.

Nice classification cleaning products
Nice classification cleaning products


Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry washing; cleaning, polishing, buffing and scouring preparations; non-medicated soaps; non-medicated fragrances, aromatic oils, non-medicated perfumes, non-medicated hair lozenges; non-medicated oral hygiene preparations.

nice classification products oils
nice classification products oils


Oils and greases used in commercial production; lubricant; wetting, adhesive and absorption compounds; fuels (including motor fuel) and ignition products; candles and firelighters.

Registro de marca de pasta de dientes
Nice classification toothpaste products


Pharmaceutical, medicinal and veterinary preparations; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic foodstuffs and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; food supplements for humans and animals; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth and for dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides.

Nice classification metal materials
Nice classification metal materials


Base metals and their alloys, ores; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; railway track materials of metal; non-electrical wires and cables of base metal; hardware, small items of metal hardware; pipes of metal; containers of metal for storage or transport; safes; ores.

Registro de marca de motores
Nice classification motors


Machines and machine tools; engines (except for land vehicles); coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements other than hand-operated; egg incubators; automatic vending machines.

Registro de marca de cuchillos
Nice classification blades


Work articles and tools; cutting objects; sharps; cutting blades.

Registro de marca de topografia
nice classification in topography


Equipment and instructions for science, meteorology, photocopying, filming, office automation, weight control, measuring, signalling, life-saving and teaching; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus data processing equipment, computers; computer programs; fire-extinguishing apparatus.

Nice classification in orthodontics
Nice classification in orthodontics


Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopedic articles; suture materials; therapeutic and assistive devices adapted for disabled persons; massage apparatus; apparatus, devices and articles for sexual activity.

Nice classification number 11
Nice classification number 11


Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, cooling, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes.

Nice classification number 13
Nice classification number 13


Firearms; projectiles and their ammunition; as well as explosives; pyrotechnics.

Nice classification number 14
Nice classification number 14


Articles of precious metals and their alloys; jewelry, precious minerals and semi-precious stones; chronometrical and horological apparatus.

Nice classification number 15
Nice classification number 15


Musical instruments

Nice classification number 16
Nice classification number 16


Paper and paperboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery and office requisites, except furniture; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists’ materials; paint brushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic sheeting, film and bags; printing blocks.

Nice classification number 17
Nice classification number 17


Rubber, raw and semi-manufactured rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and substitutes therefor; plastics and extruded resins for use in manufacture; packing, sealing and insulating materials; flexible pipes, other than of metal.

Nice classification number 18
Nice classification number 18


Leather and imitations of leather; animal skins, hides and skins; trunks and travelling bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars, leads and clothing for animals.

Nice classification number 19
Nice classification number 19


Building products (non-metallized); non-metallized rigid building pipes; asphalt, tar and pitch materials; movable buildings of non-metallized building material; non-metallized monumental constructions.

Nice classification number 20
Nice classification number 20


Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; non-metallic vessels for storage or transport; raw or semi-manufactured bone, horn, ivory, whalebone or mother-of-pearl; shells; meerschaum; yellow amber.

Nice classification number 21


Household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; brushes (except paint brushes); brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; articles for cleaning purposes; steel wool; unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and earthenware.

Nice classification number 22


Twine and cordage; netting; curtains and drapes; sails; sacks and bags for the conveyance or storage of goods in bulk; padding and stuffing (other than of paper, paperboard, rubber or plastics); woven fabrics of unprocessed fibres and unprocessed substitutes.

Nice classification number 23


Yarn and thread for textile use.

Nice classification number 24


Woven fabrics and their substitutes; bed linen; household linen; curtains and draperies of textile or plastic materials.

Nice classification numbet 25


Clothing, footwear and headgear.

Nice classification number 26


Lace and embroidery, ribbons and bows; buttons, brackets, pins and needles; artificial flowers; hair ornaments; false hair.

Nice classification number 27


Carpets and rugs, as well as vinyl and other available floor covering materials; and carpets and rugs (non-textile).

Nice classification number 28


Playthings, video game apparatus; gymnastic and sporting articles; ornamental articles for the Christmas tree.

Nice classification number 29


Meat, fish, poultry and game products; meat preparations; preserved fruits and vegetables, frozen, dried and stewed; jellies, jellies, jams, preserves, compotes; dairy products; eggs; food products, e.g., olive oils.

Nice classification number 30


Coffee, tea, cocoa and coffee substitutes; rice; tapioca and sago; flour and preparations made from cereals; bread, pastry and confectionery; edible ices; sugar, honey, treacle, yeast, baking powder; salt; mustard; vinegar, sauces (condiments); spices; ice.

Nice classification number 31


Agricultural, aquacultural, horticultural and forestry products, raw and unprocessed; cereals and seeds, raw and unprocessed; fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs; natural plants and flowers; bulbs, seedlings and seeds for planting; live animals; animal feeds and beverages; malt.

Nice classification number 32


Beers; bottled and aerated water and other soft and non-alcoholic drinks; juices and carbonated drinks; syrup and other preparations intended for the preparation for making beverages.

Nice classification number 33


Alcoholic beverages (except beers)

Nice classification number 33


Tobacco; smokers’ articles; matches. SERVICES From number 35 to number 45, the Nice Classification includes the following services.

Nice classification number 35


Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions.

Nice classification number 36


Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs.

Nice classification number 37


Building construction; repair; installation services.

Nice classification number 38



Nice classification number 39

Classification 39

Transport services; preparation and preservation of objects; travel arrangements.
Transportation services; preparation and preservation of objects; travel or travel arrangements.

Nice classification number 40


Processing of materials.

Nice classification number 41

Classification 41

Education; training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.
Education; training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.

Nice classification number 42


Activities of a scientific and technological character and related research and development; provision of industrial research and information services; design and development of computer hardware and software.

Nice classification number 43


Services of catering; temporary accommodation.

Nice classification number 44


Health services; veterinary services; sanitary and curative services for humans or animals; agriculture, gardening and forestry.

Nice classification number 45


Legal services; legal services; security services for security.
Legal services; security services for the physical protection of property and persons; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals. You can also consult here the Nice Classification of the SPTO. Origin of the Nice Classification