Registering a trade name

When registering a trade name Normally, there is a confusion of the concepts of name and trademark, in the registration of a trademark and we do not know in numerous opportunities what we should check or what is more convenient for us.

In fact, when a trademark has already been previously registered, it is unnecessary to register also the commercial denomination or the name, but it is possible to register a trademark.

Below we are going to show you how to register a trademark, although it is advisable to read carefully beforehand what a trade name is and what it is used for, as well as to understand the differences within this term between trademark, trade name and business name.

Next, we will explain what the trade name or commercial name consists of registering a trade name.

Duracion de registro de marca
duración de registro de marca

Trade name

A trade name is the one we choose to clarify what our company does within its market (business traffic) and differentiate it from other companies that may or may not be in the market in the same field.

The trade name identifies us and differentiates us from other companies in the same sector. However, the trade name, as opposed to the trademark, cannot be registered worldwide.

We can mention the example of Tesla’s registered name, and its trademark, which includes Tesla, etc.

On the other hand, the registered name corresponds with the name of the natural and legal person who is behind this company name and trademark and who, consequently, will be able to intervene before the law as having the right in case of conflict.

However, it is necessary to have the same type of registered name as the company name.

The identity of the registered name with your trade name (first name or surname) is not compulsory either. Thus, you can choose an extravagant name for the company name or a fancy name to name your companies inside and outside for the economic traffic.

An example of a brand name
A soft drink manufacturing company requests a brand name that will differentiate it from other companies in its sector, for instance


The name of the company will be the name that will be reflected in the employment contracts signed by its employers with the Public Security, for example


The name or brands will be the denominations under which these beverages will be commercialized, and in addition there can be several kinds of brands. For example, in the present case,


In these examples you will find different examples of either bubbles or technology, you already have enough clues to be able to choose the right brand and the proper name if necessary. If we already have it, then we can move on to how to register a trademark.

How to register a trademark