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Mexico trademark office

The Mexico Trademark Office is called IMPI Mexican Institute of Industrial Property and is responsible for protecting and searching the trademark and providing support for trademarks in Mexico. If you have a trademark registered in the United States or in any other country other than Mexico, you must register it in Mexico with the IMPI in order to sell your products or services.

Where to search for trademarks?

The IMPI trademark search or the trademark registration search can be done through our intelligent search engine for trademark search or through the IMPI portal.

The IMPI website is a Trademark Direct Search Information Service, which the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property is in charge of making available to the holders of industrial property rights, a digital tool that allows them to search, free of charge and also in real time, the registrations of trademarks, notes and commercial denominations…

What is the phonetic search of a trademark?

It is used when you search for one of the words, locutions or sets of words that you want to apply to your trademark and you notice the existence of a similar trademark, with a very similar sound when pronounced.

phonetic trademark registration search helps to see if words say the same thing even though they are spelled the same if you don't know much about it contact us.
phonetic trademark registration search helps to see if words say the same thing even though they are spelled the same if you don’t know much about it contact us.
Advanced trademark search
Trademark search services are free of charge even if they include a lawyer to value the mark. Except for olfactory, three-dimensional and sound marks, please contact us

When you do the search with a lawyer, he will give you advice and tips to have a trademark registration that will be accepted.

How long does it take to register a trademark before the IMPI?

With respect to the analysis of the applications filed prior to the registration of the trademark, the notification of commercialization and the publication of the trade name, the IMPI has six months to issue an opinion related to this. In case there is a requirement, it will be resolved at the latest in six months on the examination in question.

How can I find out if my trademark name already exists?

When looking for an even simpler way to find out if a company is registered in the commercial registry, we suggest you go to the Information Center website with the IMPI database if you do not have an idea you can use our trademark registration search engine.

How can I know if a trademark is registered in Mexico?

The IMPI electronic trademark search system is the free tool that IMPI makes available to you to help you perform the necessary searches and verify that a trademark has not been filed or registered, containing similar characteristics to the one that has been filed you know (name, logo, image, sound, among others) in the trademark search.

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Trademark search Mexico free

When searching for a trademark in Mexico there are many trademark attorneys who may charge you for the search or put too many restrictions on it.
For your good fortune we on our site can search the mark in Mexico you want or you can go to the official database of the IMPI, but you must know class search or if you want you can contact a trademark attorney in Mexico.

Search for classes in IMPI trademark registrations 

If you are looking for a trademark in Mexico you have to take into account the kind of registration of your trademark that you want to search as well as the well written name because there are many trademarks. and if you do not know that it is a class in which a trademark belongs you can use our intelligent search engine that takes a little but helps to facilitate the search try get it.

Trademark Database In Mexico

The database of trademarks in Mexico IMPI only searches for brands within the country so if you have a registered trademark in another part of the world this is not available in addition to it your company must be registered in Mexico to sell.