Trademark renewal in Mexico

The renewal of trademark registration in Mexico

Trademark renewal in mexico The renewal of the registration must be requested through the form provided by the IMPI, together with the corresponding payment receipt.

Likewise, the renewal must show the real and effective use of the trademark and must be accompanied by the payment of the corresponding fees. How can I know if my trademark is still registered?

trademark search mexico free
trademark search mexico free

Trademark search Mexico free

Enter the IMPI web page, which is a free system that consults the files in real time of the companies, notifications and products for this you must know which class corresponds to your trademark if you do not know what is a class you can do it from our intelligent search engine of the brands in Mexico.

you may not understand many of these aspects such as how to pay the rights to the IMPI or how to contact a lawyer in Mexico for this do not hesitate to contact us for free.

Documents required

Required DocumentsPresentation
Request for Renewaloriginal
Proof of payment of the feeoriginal
Annexes, if applicableoriginal
Documentation required to renew a trademark in mexico

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