The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) is a decentralized public body with legal personality and its own assets and with the legal authority to administer the industrial property system in Mexico. The IMPI is the body in charge of the administrative application of the Industrial Property Law (LPI).

In the IMPI, patents, trademarks, utility models, industrial designs, integrated circuit layout design and appellation of origin are managed.

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Registered trademark
Is the trademark registered before the IMPI?

Any type of trademark that you want to register in Mexico must be requested before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property and fill out an application. For an International trademark registration you must go to the receiving office of the corresponding trademark registration application of each state. The registration in IMPI is processed with a request where the process of protection of a brand starts.

Does the IMPI protect my rights and those of my brand?

The IMPI is the authority in intellectual property in the country of Mexico, has various faculties of help. Among them is to sanction with economic fines or closures to any third party that violates the rights of a trademark owner.

Registration in IMPI

What is the phonetic search?
Before requesting the registration in IMPI of a brand, a phonetic search must be done. This is necessary to ensure that the brand you want to register is not protected by a third party. This way you avoid having a legal problem by using a trademark that is already registered. The existence of registered or pending trademarks that are the same or similar in phonetics, writing or design is investigated.

How do I know if my brand is nameless, mixed or three-dimensional?

What are the types of records that can be applied to the IMPI?

There are several types of trademark registrations, among them we can find the nominative, the mixed, the unnamed and the three-dimensional. The registration in IMPI can be of patents, trademarks, notices, commercial names and certificate of invention. Also of appellations of origin, consultation on patent documents, utility models, industrial designs and integrated circuit schemes. Start your trademark registration process at IMPI by filling out the following contact form.

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