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How to Search Trademark Status

Although it is not necessary before submitting an application, it is recommended that you search the USPTO or WIPO trademark database to see a brand since it is very important to verify this information of a brand. In the event that the search turns up the name of a trademark that you think may be a problem, check the status in Mexico for the application or registration of a trademark. is still “active”, as it does not mark “dead” you can use to block a new application.

It is considered as a total search the discovery that is made among all similar signatures, and not only the one that…

In this sense, looking for brand availability is not the same as searching for a domain name. A domain name search can focus on open or “dead” details, regardless of names or use with related products and services. Basically, a domain address is available or it is not. The brand creation mechanism, on the other hand, is somewhat more complex. As part of the overall review process, the USPTO will search its database to determine if registration should be denied because a similar brand has already been registered for related products or services (ie, brands can even coexist if services are not available). they consider related in a way). Please note that the USPTO does not offer opinions for inquiries about the availability of a trademark before the submission of an actual request.

If you need a lawyer for a registry in Mexico…

Search for a brand in the database of WIPO
Trademark Symbol

How To Search Trademark Slogans ?

As well as how to search for the logo on the trademark, how to search for the situation in which it is found and how the search is realized. can be found on the main page of WIPO Search

How to Search Trademark Status
Search for a Slogan in the database of WIPO

How to Search Trademark By Class?

Example of a Brand, we will use the name:

Azul14 – Deterjentes
and you want to register :


for the commercial use of Deterjentes, this brand will be blocked due to the great similarity, if it is used for construction or something different in another sector the brand can be approved provided that the logo and the slogan are different .

For more information on conducting an authorization search, see the newscast style video titled “Search” (video # 3 of the Trademark Information Network (TMIN) series) or view the link here.

Depending on the brand material you are looking for, there are several different areas to perform a search:

 when to apply the registered trademark symbol? 

Trademark Lawyer, trademark protection

What happens if my brand is similar to another?

it’s something that happens very common, especially when it contains a person’s name or a surname, when a brand contains a surname of a person it must be evaluated in two steps

1- the type of product sold by the company.
2- the icon that will have the brand

As for the product of the trademark, if it is similar but the logo is different, it can be registered, whereas if it is the same and the name is the same. as the brand you wish to use, it is very unlikely that you can obtain that registration , for more information contact us and we will help you in legal help

The brand I want to register is in Mexico
Check trademark status

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