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The trademark registration symbol in Mexico is global and is represented by a letter R “® ”

Why Use Trademark Symbol?

How to trademark symbol, If you claim the rights to use a trademark, you raise a demand for an equal trademark you can use the designation “trademark” or “SM” (service mark) to alert the public of your claim of ownership of the trademark, and obtain regardless of whether you have a tin application from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or in Mexico (IMPI) Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.

“when can trademark symbol be used?”

However, you can only use the federal registration stamp “®” after the actual registered USPTO, and not while the application is pending and it would be considered an offense to use the seal without first having the record so it is not advisable to stamp “® “until you have a favorable request.

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Trademark Symbol

The three symbols are the circle R (®), and the small capital letters TM (™) and capital letters SM (℠). You can not use the R in a circle before receiving the record in faborable request.

What is the perfect content for our symbol?

when looking for the wordpress symbol we must be aware that the brands can be similar and also look like other brands, so we must do a brand search and see if it is similar or similar …

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What happens if my brand is similar to another?

it’s something that happens very common, especially when it contains a person’s name or a surname, when a brand contains a surname of a person it must be evaluated in two steps

1- the type of product sold by the company.
2- the icon that will have the brand

If the product of the brand is similar but the logo is different, you can register your brand, but if the product is the same and the name is the same as the brand you wish to use, it is very unlikely that you can obtain that registration , for more information contact us and we will help you in legal help

Do you have more questions about whether your ark can be similar to another brand?

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