Types Of Trademark Registrations In Mexico

The types of trademark registrations in Mexico are handled based on the characteristics that define it; in any case, a trademark is all those signs that a company has and that differentiate it from others of the same type.

The types of trademark registrations in Mexico have different variations that make it fit with a specific type of model, there are variations that make it different in its registration.

Types of Trademark registrations

In Mexico, you can find the following:

Tipos de registros de Marca marca innominada
Unnamed Trademark

Unnamed Trademark

  • Unnamed Trademark registrations are intended for those graphic symbols without expressions of any kind, directly represented by logos or figures of the company.

Examples of unnamed Trademarks can be seen in some internationally famous products such as Nike, Puma or even automobile brands such as Dodge.

Tipos de registros de Marca marca nominativa
Types of trademark registrations in Mexico Nominative trademark

Nominative Trademark

  • The nominative trademark registration refers to the registration of a trademark only by its name, making use of numbering and text, without any type of design attached to it. There is a great variety of examples of these types of trademark registrations, as is the case of BLU company, and it is also one of the lowest cost registrations.
types of trademark registrations in Mexico Mixed trademark
Types of trademark registrations in Mexico Mixed trademark

Mixed Trademark

  • When we talk about Mixed Trademark registrations we have a combination of a nominative trademark in conjunction with an unnamed one, an example of this can be Adidas, again Nike and any number of other trademarks such as Lamborghini, LG, etc.

Collective Marks

  • When talking about Collective Trademarks, these are managed under a local range, they can be nominative or unnamed trademarks, but they will always have in their symbol a distinction of society, either society by manufacturers or even producers, the possibilities are vast in this aspect.

The registration in this case is based on production by geographical area and those who accredit the trademark are the associates or a document of one of them that encompasses them.

Tipos de registros de Marca marca tridimensional
Three-dimensional trademarks

Three-dimensional trademarks

  • Three-dimensional trademarks can be nominative, unnamed or mixed trademarks that also go through a process of height, width and depth in their packaging, they are products that go directly to the design of boxes, bottling machines and others, a case like this would be the very particular Coca Cola bottles that are quite easily differentiated from other brands.
marcas olfativas
Sound and olfactory marks

Sound and olfactory marks

  • They are trademarks that are actively registered due to their ease of differentiation from others. In perfumes, olfactory trademark registrations are very frequently used, for which a letter is made with a written description of how the product smells, with which specific aromas it is related and everything necessary for it to be correctly identified

In the case of sound trademarks, it is much simpler since they are represented with scores of the theme itself, sound trademarks are also handled under patent law, but if they are of artistic musical origin, it is much more logical to use copyright as a trademark registration.

  • Commercial advertisements

Commercial advertisements directly relate to advertising phrases, songs and the very delicate slogans, everything that is made directly by the company and requires a registration before going out to commercial exposure, a kind of insurance in case of any attempt of plagiarism by the competition or unintentionally.

  • Commercial Name
    The Commercial Name is the identity given to the establishment where your trademark is operating, and it must be specified in the way it is exhibited; for example, if your place is titled “Embutidos Michoacán”, the commercial name must be registered in a similar way.

The influence of the types of trademark registrations

To be clear about the types of trademark registrations is vital for the operation of your company in a legal way, because although many of the trademark registrations are not requested in the first instance, exposing them without legal protection entails a great problem of plagiarism in the future.

In Mexico, Trademarks and the registration of all its types are governed by the Nice Classification, this classification is handled internationally for products and services, so it does not differ from any law of registration of trademarks and patents in the countries to which it is attached.

If you still have some confusion about the type of trademark registration you need, it is completely normal, you can receive business advice or even trademark advice to make the choice much easier, this is functional and even convenient for the type of business or company you want to form.

Registering your trademark is not mandatory, you can start with a “Beta” image and then register it if it needs any changes, just make sure it is legitimately yours at the time of trademark registration.

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